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Q) How old are you?
(A) I am 25 years old.

(Q) What is your sign?
(A) I am Aquarius

(Q) Do you have any kids?
(A) Not yet. But I like children very much.

(Q) What is your favorite color?
(A) Sky blue

(Q) What is your ethnicity?
(A) My roots are both Xhosa and East Anglian

(Q) How did you get into making this website?
(A) It's kinda funny actually. Everyone was always asking me if I was going to put myself online and finally I just went for it! Thanks everyone :-)

(Q) Do you have any sisters?
(A) Nope! Just one brother. His name is Shaun and he is 20 years old.

(Q) What is your favorite food?
(A) Pizza & ANY kind of potatoes!

(Q) What are you pet peeves?
(A) Stereotypes. People that have negative attitudes.

(Q) Do you also act?
(A) Yes I do. I have taken Ballet, Piano, a Voice & Diction class, and done many musical participations.

(Q) Do you have a boy-friend?
(A) I used to. But now I am single :-)

(Q) What is your favorite music?
(A) Styles vary. From traditional South African folk, to Brit Pop and even Hardcore! My fave performer is Alicia Keys!

(Q) Have you travelled much?
(A) Not as much as I'd have liked to. I have lived in Johannesburg, London and Germany for half a year.

(Q) Which place would you like to visit, if you had a chance?
(A) The Pyramids! It's a shame they are on my continent and I still haven't seen them.

(Q) Describe yourself with one sentence.
(A) I'm overly positive, emotional, sensitive, sensual, and I cry a lot - for good and bad reasons equally.

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