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Birth date: January 31st 1980
Birth place: Stellenbosch, RSA
Father: Jerry Porter
Mother: Lisa Mukame
Siblings: brother, Shaun (20)
Boyfriend: N/A
Best friend: Tami
Graduated: Philology, Pedagogics
Work: School teacher - English literature
Languages: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Spanish, German, Russian
Interests: Books, Culture, Dancing, Music, Environment

My graduation in secondary

Performing with the school orchestra

My name is Nairi Porter and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I came from a family of workers. My father Jerry is a retired worker at the docks in Cape Town and my mother Lisa is still teaching the young students in music and arts.

In my school years, I used to sing in a school chorus which performed traditional South African music. I had the rare chance to study in the University College of London, where I graduated English Philology and School Pedagogics. I also performed with the university dancing troupe, where I learned modern ballet and choral singing.

After my graduation in 2003, I returned to my home country and I became a school teacher in OWLS (One World Language School) - the best English language school in Cape Town. I also continue my activities in the field of choral and folk music and I lead a Sunday course in modern ballet.

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